You have voiced characters in some of the greatest game franchises ever, like Devil May Cry, Street Fighter and The last of Us- What was your first video game voice over? How did you get that job?


I had a couple of minor roles and background stuff in anime by Zero Limit Productions and a guy called Yutaka Maseba who ran that outfit and was a friend of a friend and kind of gave me a chance to get some experience in the booth. It was cool. I got experience. Very basic. And then, shortly after I got the role of Dante, through having done Motion Capture.

Initially they were casting separately for voice, physical ability and stunt ability and I ended up going for the Motion Capture part first, and then auditioned for the voice portion too but they saved that and then re-auditioned everybody on the voice side. But I guess because I had done the Motion Capture for Dante, everybody at Capcom had become used to hearing my voice on set- and when it came time to cast for the voice, they let me have a go.


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