Reuben Stars in this epic shot trailer pitch for the feature film Deathtrip to Wisconsin. Using James Cameron Stereoscopic 3D rigs this short was actually shot in 3D.

death-trip-300x200 death-trip2-300x200

Basic Plot: Reuben’s co-star and co-creator Kevin Dorman aka Devin Korman were both caught in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. On their journey to Pleasantville, they seeked refuge in an abandoned warehouse and during the middle of one of Devin’s video logs  they are ambushed by a number of infected killer zombies.

Also check out this cool previz for the fight scene. Unfortunately due to time constraints on the set of the live action shoot ,uch of the action had to be cut but at least you can enjoy what was going to be planed. Reuben Designed and coordinated the action for the short.