Reuben mentioned in Newsweek again! Only this time it’s not so positive. Full article here!

Post From Reuben’s FB page after reading the Newsweek article:

“So yesterday I was contacted by someone claiming to be from Newsweek (see email attachment) I replied that I’m willing to talk about other stuff (anything but Vic) and that’s what I meant. I am all for engaging in a dialogue and giving a platform to discuss openly and without bias on where I Stand on certain issues. I’ll talk about #metoo and #blacklivesmatter I’m all for true journalism. To hear all sides of a story. As opposed to hand picking certain sentences from an interview that they didn’t even perform! Then making up a narrative to serve a clear bias about the #qanon 8chan discussions. Why would Newsweek go out of there way to throw me under the bus for having an opinion about a fellow actor? Just goes to show where the news of this world is at the moment and why we must all do our own investigation and research into the issues we truly care about.

BTW: I got some press when I was shot at in Guatemala a few weeks ago (which was surprising) but not NEWSWEEK!!! In fact there was no mention of that in any of the mainstream media! But having an opinion about someone, especially if you don’t agree with that opinion, watch out cuz thats big news!”

Link to youtube video Newsweek Referenced but failed to provide in their article