Reuben Langdon (creator of the series Interview with Extra Dimensionals on Gaia Television) and Wieteke Koolhof (channel for Arjun of the YahYel) share some thoughts on the unfolding of Global Disclosure.

Though it may seem as if the entire world has been taken over by concerns for our health and our economies, an even larger story is silently playing out in the background, whilst building momentum for its entree on the stage of our Human Collective.

Both Reuben and Wieteke like to inspire a vision of a future version of Earth where we as humans consciously initiate Open Contact with our Interstellar family and will be able to live and learn peacefully side by side.

In support of that possible future timeline, during this talk, Wieteke (from The Netherlands) introduces her latest project on which she has been working together with two co-creators from Norway – for the past 2,5 year.

The website (link below)

The idea behind this website – is that people with any type of interest regarding disclosure and or Open Communication on the subject of ET’s and/or UFO’s – can find each other and CONNECT either in real life (as you will be able to find each other litteraly on the Earth map) or online.

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