wait for it…

This short film is dedicated to Tony Chu. Thank you for inspiring me and for being a friend.

Within the first 30 minutes of filming, Tony made contact with Mark Musashi’s elbow and Tony hand swelled up. Tony pushed through for 4 days while his hand looked like a cabbage patch. HELL YEAH TONY CHU!

Watch Tony take on a lot of people. One on one. !!!!

Directed, Edited, Camera:
Vlad Rimburg

Fight Coordinator:
Vlad Rimburg

Fight Choreographer:
Vlad Rimburg
Tony Chu

Stunt Coordinator:
Emmanuel Manzanares

Tony Chu
Amy Johnston
Mark Musashi
Mickey Facchinello
Reuben Langdon
Gui DaSilva
Dimitrious Bistrevsky
Sam Yu
Ande Le
Geran Simpson
Matt Emig
Brian Le
Du Au
Peter Jang
Yoshua Sudarso
Jerry Quill
Shaun Charney
Kyle McLean
Jimmy Chhiu
Tamiko Brownlee
Marissa Labog
Rustic Bodomov
Alfred Hsing
Sharon Berezin

Special Thanks:
George Crayton
Mark Musashi
Everyone that showed up DAY 1 at 7am and laid on the ground for 4 hours in 33 degree weather.
Brendon Huor
Everyone that shot in the 30-35 degree weather.

Le Matos – Sarah

*Thank you Manny for keeping everyone safe. Hell yeah!!!*